Friday, April 18, 2014

Hottie of the Week

Hottie(s) of the Week!

So what can I tell you about the people this week? Nothing, absolutely nothing. This week’s hotties are all coming to you per request. So since I know nothing about them, I have to let the pics be my words for the week!


Charles Michael Davis as Marcel Gerard -- Photo by Art Streiber for The CW

Michael Malarkey as Enzo - Photo by Bob Mahoney for The CW

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore - Photo by Nino Munoz for The CW

Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson - Photo by Bob Mahoney for The CW

Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson - Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert for The CW

Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan - Photo by Justin Stephens for The CW

Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert - Photo by Bob Mahoney for The CW

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood - Photo by Bob Mahoney for The CW

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore - Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert for The CW

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Theo Thursday - Featuring @FYeahTheoJames

Another week and another FANTASTIC Theo Thursday!
This week, I'd like to shed the light on a new fan-site dedicated to the Greek God that is Theo James, all Theo all the time! I am talking about the new kid on the block Epic proportions of a giveaway going on now! It's a must check out for all you THEOlogians!

You can find them on:
Twitter: @fyeahtheojames

They are you new one stop shop to all things Theo! Make sure you check them out!! But until you do, enjoy a couple of pics of Theo! 

Cannes here we come!!

He is known to many as either Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter or Edward Cullen of The Twilight Saga, but to us who follow his career, he is known as Robert Pattinson.  My whole purpose in writing this blog is to follow the steps of his career moving forward.  So each week, I am going to try to write about one of his upcoming films.  Granted, I could talk about him non stop, but the most important thing to me is to get his name and his movies out to the public..

The first film has been announced as a midnight screening at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.


Under the direction of David Michaud, The Rover is a futuristic film about a loner who is tracking a gang of thieves that stole his vehicle through the Australian Outback.  Along the way he picks up Reynolds, played by Rob.

This role, for Robert, seems to be more gritty than his previous roles.  From the screenshots and teaser trailers that have been released thus far by A24 films, this is not your normal “romantic/pretty” Rob.  From his fake teeth, to his dirty clothes and his bowl hair cut, he is definitely not in a teen hearthrob role that the public has associated with him.

For a link to the amazing trailer, check out the previous blog post on

So, my thoughts are:

1 - Go to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook
2 - Follow these accounts to stay up to date on all happenings of this movie because it is going to be a hit among not only us Rob fanatics but also the movie industry.
@FanDemoniumNet - for all the up to date info on the Entertainment Industry
@A24films - for any info that they put out on The Rover and their other movies
@TheRoverMovie - for up to date info on The Rover
3 - Stayed tuned to In Rob’s Corner for my amazing insight!!

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Video: THE ROVER - official Full Trailer HD

Tell us what you think! 

Throwback Thursday

I loved this song! I loved this song! I loved this song! 
Hell, I still love this song. It was the jam then and it is the jam now. I don't know what it is about it but it makes me wanna sing and makes me think about young love. 
Please enjoy one of my all time favorite slow jams.

"Weak" by SWV

And come on... I know you always wondered how the hell she did anything with those long as nails. Lol