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Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Tides of Fate

Today’s rec comes to you via Miranda (@MirandaMajor).

Title: Tides of Fate

Why is it good?:  The character interactions in the story are what really made the fic for me. The main set of characters are involved, but as the story progresses, more of the non-mainstream characters are brought in.  It's the type of story where you really don't know what will happen next. From angst, to romance, to humorous interactions you get everything all rolled into one. It’s a typical Edward/Bella HEA fic with little twists and turns along the way. I found it to be a really easy-flowing read and I can admit I have read it more than once.


I’ve never read this one but I have seen the name come up here and there on various rec sites and mentioned on Twitter. According to the story summary and first author note, it’s a fun, light-hearted fic taking place mostly during a vacation to a tropical destination. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)
I like that Miranda found the relationships between the characters enjoyable. At just over 365, 000 words and 40 chapters in length, you’ll be with these two and their friends for a little while.
I’m gonna add this one to my list. Thanks, M!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Theo Tuesday

It's that time of the week for our hottie and obsession Theo James! This week, we are showcasing Theo As 'David' from Underworld : Awakening. 

"That 70's Show" - 06.20 Castle

Long time no post!! Congratulations on making it through the Castle mini hiatus! I can only imagine what the summer hiatus will bring! I delved into several "hiatus projects' to keep myself sane. I also have some surprises and some FANdemonium Network exclusives planned for everyone! Now onto last night's episode and a little Monday Night Fever!!

Photo Credit: ABC Studios Via @Castle_ABC
"That 70's Show" was a trip down memory lane for some, and a throwback to times gone by for the rest of us! I went into the episode with an open mind after seeing some less than stellar reviews from some of the screeners. I honestly didn't care that the episode seemed like filler, I am just glad to have new Castle back on my TV! I was so pleased by the episode, it was a 43 minute laugh session for me! It also had it's share of some of the most touching moments, the "Last Dance" in particular.

To kick off the ep, we have a construction crew demolishing a building that was built in 1978 and finding our 'body"! We are swiftly whisked into the loft, where our my favorite couple is just starting out their day. Only to be ambushed by Martha and her over the top wedding ideas. The Beckett "wife claw" moment was such an inspired moment, the unspoken dialogue of, "You deal with your mother before I deal with her!" I will say again and not for the last time, Rick and Kate wear their domesticity well. 

And away we go to the crime scene, after vowing to find something productive for Martha to do so she feels included, Ryan, Espo, and Lanie all bring Beckett and Castle up to date on the details of the crime scene. When Castle catches the biggest break of them all and is able to identify our victim. Who is none other than Vince Bianchi of the Bianchi crime family. I love that with Gates gone, Kate is the ranking officer, leaving her to run the precinct. A little foreshadowing perhaps?? Kate brings in the detective that was once assigned to the Bianchi case to get new leads on the case. Which leads us to Harold, who, because of Vince's disappearance suffers from 'pathological grieving'. Introducing us to our first taste of the 70's fun to come!

To get the information that they need from Harold, Castle employs the help of his over dramatic and ever so eager to help mother, to transform not only the team, but also the morgue and precinct back to the 70's glory days! After an attempted mob hit, the team is in a rush to get the coveted info from Harold before it is too late! Everything is going along according to "Captain" Castle's plan, that is until Gates returns from her terrorism seminar early. Uh oh... Cupcake's in trouble!! 

 Harold finally makes all the connections between the clues that are provided and figures out when and where Vince was killed, but we also find a deeper connection between Vince and Harold. Vince had plans to merge his crime family with another, by marrying into the "family" but ultimately couldn't go through with it, out of his love for Harold. In the end the spurned bride to be, Maria, took him out with two shots. No one suspected her, that is until the gunman she hired to shoot up the 12th rolled on her to save himself.

In fitting tribute to Vince, Harold and the team from the precinct head to Glitterati to dance the night away. Beckett, Stana looked amazing on the arm of Castle, and Ryan sure showed his dance moves! But the Gates stole the scene, looking absolutely stunning! I've read some very hilarious headcanon about what happened over the course of the night, and if you're interested, I'm sure there is plenty more to be found on tumblr! In a touching end to the episode, Kate and Rick look on, as Harold gives Vince, their "Last Dance" before whirling Captain Gates into his arms. 

All the key players were back for this episode, much like they were for season 4's "The Blue Butterfly". The costumes, as with any episode of this type, seemed to be a character all their own, much in part to the fabulous costuming and designing done by Luke Reichle. I like that they played Harold and Vince's relationship with such serious undertones, the lines, "It is the year I need it to be!" and "You and Vince were in love." were delivered with such authentic emotion by both Jon Polito and Nathan Fillion. 

All in all, it was a fun and entertaining episode and I loved it! Next week's "Law and Boarder" looks to be quite entertaining as well. We're on the very last downhill slide of this season and I am already emotionally preparing for "Veritas" and "For Better or For Worse". I'm really excited to hopefully sharing my surprises and exclusives soon!

 To keep up with daily updates, feel free to follow along with me on tumblr! I'd love to hear from you guys!! I've missed updating this past month! I'm planning a re-watch for the summer for any of you that would like to join in. 


The Originals – Episode 1.18 – The Big Uneasy recap

Previously on The Originals
Elijah nags Klaus into doing something other than painting. Cami shacks up with Marcel while Genevieve spies on them with magic. Monique bullies Davina cos her magic is on the fritz. Marcel is planning a move against the Mikaelsons and Klaus is offering magical rings to the werewolves of Hayley's pack to give them superiority.

Klaus is painting Genevieve but won't let her see the finished piece, saying instead that it is a gift to cement their pact. Oops, she thinks there's actually something going on between them but Klaus only seems to want her for what she can provide. He tells her that if she is supported by Klaus no-one can stand against her. She asks what he wants in return, “you never know when a powerful witch might come in handy.” he replies. I think she was hoping for a bit more than that.

The returned Harvest witches are doing something weird in a tomb, and by weird I mean headstands and wannabe contortionist acts while they chant in French. Suddenly Monique is taken over by the spirits of her ancestors who give her the nod to off Genevieve so that the fourth Harvest girl can come back.

Morning in the Quarter brings a much more casual looking Elijah and a bunch of workmen digging up the courtyard in the compound, luring a cranky Klaus out of his rooms. Genevieve sweet talks Elijah into allowing the witches to celebrate their ritual feast days in the open, something that wasn't allowed under Marcel's rule. She wants to start with the Feast of the Blessings, members of the community bring offerings to the witches in exchange for favours. Elijah is a little sceptical since the witches have been nothing but a pain in the backside for his family since they returned and it was Genevieve, after all, who held Klaus and Rebekah and tortured them in the mental asylum a little while ago.

The brothers have a wee chat, Klaus is all for the festival saying it will please the tourists and cement the alliance Elijah has created. Elijah remains dubious of both the party and his brother's dalliance with the red headed witch and asks whether Klaus shouldn't be more attentive to Hayley rather than the witch, seeing as his child should be born any day now (right? Come on, it can't possibly be long now right?!). Klaus drops the hard truth that despite Elijah's best intentions Hayley is far better off with her pack than living in the city for now, but that no child of his will be born in a swamp.

Cut to said swamp and Hayley standing looking at a long line of werewolves from other packs who, according to Oliver, are there to see her, the long lost werewolf messiah.

Oliver gets a call and walks away to take it, lucky these werewolves don't have enhanced hearing like the vampires do eh otherwise Hayley would be able to hear him having a chat with her baby daddy. Klaus has tasked Oliver with finding Cary, the wolf from Klaus's own pack who arrived a while back bearing Esther's ring. Oliver hasn't found him yet due to the truckloads of wolves who are turning up in the bayou for Hayley. Klaus presses how important it is and then lets Oliver know about Elijah's little gathering and the fact the werewolves need to be there.

Klaus goes to see Cami to tell her he may have a way to fix her uncle (yep, we're all still praying for that right?!), she assumes he means Genevieve and gets all catty about it. Klaus tells her she can say no if she has an alternative, Cami quickly does just that and Klaus walks away but she was lying. “Do whatever you have to do, just help him.”

Across the city Thierry is trying to convince Marcel to use Klaus's attraction to Cami for their own gain but Marcel doesn't want to involve her, he still likes her and doesn't want her getting hurt. Thierry seems to have become a voice of reason during his time in the Garden, must have been all that alone time. He asks what Marcel is going to do if he finds out what Klaus is up to with the witches, tell Elijah? Oh, wait, that's right, Elijah will kill him if he goes near the Quarter. Marcel reckons he can use the thousand years of family drama that already exists between the brothers to bring them down, it's a powder keg and all they need is a match. Thierry asks where they can buy those matches since they have nothing. Marcel reminds Thierry that he had nothing once before, before he turned Thierry and then the whole city was theirs for the taking.

Monique confronts Genevieve to tell her it's her time to die according to the ancestors (Sidebar – can I have Genevieve's coat please?) Genevieve says fine but that it's not her time yet, they might be out from under Marcel's rule but now the witches have to answer to Elijah instead. Genevieve has a plan she wants to complete to get them what they deserve before she sacrifices herself and lets the final Harvest girl come back. She's going to steal Esther's spellbook.

Diego scoffs at Elijah's invitation to the festival but Elijah isn't having it, he's inviting everyone who signed the treaty (Sidebar – snazzy matching boots and jacket Diego) and they are expected to attend and bring a gift or be removed from their positions as representative of their faction. This includes the new head of the human faction, Miss Correa (still not sure about this one, she just doesn't seem right to me, but then any human so willing to ally with vampires, witches and werewolves has got to be a bit off right?). With the vampire and human representatives on board Elijah must now sweet talk Hayley, but she is having none of it until Jackson and Oliver intervene and accept on her behalf. Elijah suspects something is wrong and warns Hayley not to trust her pack. Shame he isn't quite so perceptive around his brother eh?

Back in the city Oliver arrives at St Anne's church with Cary, Klaus's werewolf kin. There's some bad blood between the Crescent pack and the North East Atlantic pack (Klaus's bloodline) and Oliver isn't Cary's biggest fan. Klaus suggests that it is this rivalry between packs that is responsible for their low standing in the supernatural pecking order. Klaus wants Cary to tell him what stone was in his mother's ring and sets him on the path to find out, one presumes so they can set about making moonlight rings for all of the werewolves.

Diego and Thierry have a chat about the rebellion against the New Mikaelson Order and Marcel reveals himself to be the brains behind this move. Diego isn't going to be a part of it since he remembers what happened the last time he stood with Marcel against an Original (which reminds me, I take it back, I've almost grown quite fond of Diego, I'm glad Klaus didn't tear his head off back in The River in Reverse). Is Marcel really stupid enough to think that his plan to “make enough noise” is going to scare off Klaus and Elijah? Does he not remember what it took to get rid of them back in know, the whole Mikael summoning, city wide panic and burning thing?
Diego calls Marcel out for picking up the coin and surrendering to Klaus in the first place, Marcel suggests that a good leader knows when to surrender to live to fight another day. Yeah, had nothing to do with your girlfriend begging you to pick up the coin before Klaus tore you limb from limb right? When Diego leaves after telling Marcel and Thierry that they will be fighting against him if they do anything Marcel says it's time to get more persuasive.

Back out in the bog, Hayley interrupts Jackson and Oliver's little chat. Oliver won't tell her what's going on so Hayley gets a little hormonal mama wolf on his ass, slams him into the side of a building and demands information. Oliver is apparently scared of Elijah finding out what's going on and still won't talk (I'd be more scared of Klaus mate. If Elijah finds out what you've got going on with his little brother and confronts Klaus...well there's not a swamp in the world deep enough to hide from him in.) but Jackson spills the beans about their little deal with Klaus.

Klaus goes to Genevieve to ask him to help fix Father K, Cami's uncle. Shame she doesn't realise she's got so much more going on than the blonde does. Why do I get the feeling she's going to drop a bombshell about Cami and Marcel hooking up last week to Klaus soon? If you want to explode this already fragile balance that's a pretty sure fire way to do it. Raging hybrid on a murderous rampage? That could be all kinds of fun to watch. Anyway, she says she can't help, but perhaps there would be something in Esther's spellbook that might, since she was so powerful and all. Klaus slams the witch into a table and once again I wish for someone handy with a body swap spell as he gets rather up close and personal to tell her that whatever she thinks she is playing at will not work. She witchifies his brain to get free and tells him that their little booty call agreement is over.

Festival time, the streets are packed as the Harvest girls are carried through the city, Elijah watches on as his invited guests begin to arrive with their guests. Genevieve sends one of her lackeys off to the compound to steal Esther's grimoire while the witches kick things off. Mini earthquake from Monique, a strong breeze from the other one (have they even given this girl a name? She seems to be decoration more than anything else poor thing.) and then some fireworks from Davina, that's right, these girls all had elemental powers, I guess water witch is the one we will get back once Genevieve sacrifices herself.

While the city is distracted Genevieve's minion sneaks into the compound and walks straight up to the grimoire lying on a table in the courtyard and is then surprised when Klaus appears on the balcony. Dude? Really? You thought it was going to be that easy? These witches really are not the brightest are they?

Anyway, now that the public bit of the festival is over the witches head off to receive their presents. Davina has a bit of a snark at Elijah cos Klaus killed her one true love and isn't dead yet but Genevieve tells her to play nice and then thanks him for the party. He brushes her off, he knows this was the only way to get the witches on board with the treaty.

Next to arrive is everyone's favourite pregnant werewolf and it all gets a bit passive aggressive...minus the passive. Elijah is surprised she is not flanked by Jackson and Oliver, she replies that he asked for a representative so “take me or leave me.” Well now Miss Marshall, a little provocative don't you think? Elijah offers her his arms and walks her inside.

Monique is still on a power trip and whining about Davina, she moans about having lost her mother and her aunt (who she killed, but yes, oh woe is you little miss too big for your boots) while Davina has lost nothing. Genevieve is clearly planning something tonight, although when isn't she? The girls take their places on the stage and people start bringing in their offerings but instead of being able to give them to the witch they want they are ordered to give them to Monique and Middle Witch, leaving Davina with nothing.

Cami brings a gift to Genevieve to try and get her to help Kieran, bringing up something Klaus said about Genevieve being cheated out of life, which is exactly what is happening to Kieran. The gift is a beautiful hair comb and the sentimentality of the moment seems to work in Cami's favour and Gen agrees to help.

Davina is about to leave the party when her gay vampire BFF turns up to see her big day but she's not enjoying it so they are about to leave when Klaus shows up. That's the Klaus who still wants to rip Josh's spine out through his nose for betraying him when Marcel's goons tried to take him down. Davina tries to intimidate Klaus but thankfully she's lost most of her mojo and Klaus seems to be getting his swagger back. This has never been more evident than in the fantastic speech he procedes to deliver on the stairs in the main hall.
Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? We are gathered here today to pay homage to our beloved witches, but one very special witch has been utterly ignored. That seems a little unfair to me.”
He offers a small box to Davina who refuses it.
I understand why you would reject me, given our past. In truth, many of us here today have been wronged in the conflict which my brother's treaty ended. Your friend Josh was involved in a plot to kill me, it would be well within my right to execute him here and now. But, in the spirit of solidarity and for your favour Davina, I hereby pardon him. From this day forward you have nothing to fear from me.”
I love that Joseph Morgan seems to know how far he can push the dramatic flair with Klaus without becoming an OTT, scenery chewing, moustache twirling parody and this speech shows that so well.
Anyway, Davina accepts the box, much to the chagrin of Genevieve whose plan to put Davina in her place has backfired in spectacular fashion. She opens it in front of Josh to find a lapis lazuli ring and the spell needed to make it a daylight ring. Oh yeah, Josh is getting a daylight ring. My plea for more Josh and Davina has been answered!

Klaus and Hayley have a little catch up, Hayley is concerned that Klaus is betraying Elijah, Klaus isn't sure why she cares as long as the werewolves benefit.
You know you've come a long way little wolf, I knew you were tough, I knew you were cunning, but I never knew you were a Queen.” Klaus says with a smile and then leaves her.

A group of men walk in playing drums and deliver a message from Marcel. That message is a bunch of slit wrists in a room full of vampires barely holding themselves in check. Elijah tries to keep the situation in hand but then the lights go out and all hell breaks loose. Blood and death ensue and even though he seemed more concerned about his treaty before Elijah now only cares about one thing, Hayley. They stand together and notice a message, in blood, on the wall. There Will Be No Peace. The drummer guys are all dead...wonder who wrote that? Maybe Diego is aiding Marcel after all, or was is someone else sneaking in under cover of darkness?

Thierry reports back to Marcel that the night went to plan, and that Davina was safe before anything happened. Marcel looks pleased right before Hurricane Elijah screams into their little hidey hole. Marcel tries to bargain his knowledge of Klaus's dealings with Genevieve and the werewolves for his life, so Elijah kills Thierry instead.

Klaus brings his offering to Genevieve, it's some hands in a box. He's got a real thing about body parts in boxes this one ;)
Genevieve says that Klaus should be afraid of her and then walks away,
It's a pity. I will miss the sex.”
Genevieve tells Klaus that he's pretty much just signed Kieran's death warrant and then she does it, drops the bombshell that Cami is sleeping with Marcel.

Hayley realises that she needs to go along with the plan Klaus has set in motion to give the werewolves superiority, but only as long as she is privy to everything and that
they do not trust Klaus.

Back at the Mikaelson's compound Klaus returns to see a bloodied Elijah, fresh from exacting his revenge on Thierry.
If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results then surely my quest for your salvations ranks me as one of the maddest of men.”
Elijah confronts Klaus over his alliance with the wolves which Klaus defends as family loyalty, considering that in all truth he cannot call himself Mikaelson since the very name implies a relationship with Mikael that Klaus does not have. Elijah is less than pleased that Klaus is willing to throw away the bonds that have bound them for a thousand years, but Klaus is not happy at Elijah's suggestion that Klaus neglect his new found family even though it would benefit Hayley and the baby.
Klaus taunts Elijah over his feelings for Hayley and Elijah lashes out, for the good of their family Elijah has denied those feelings as he hoped that Klaus would live up to his responsibilities to Hayley and the baby, but it's clear now that is never going to happen. Elijah is done, and he is going to finally take what he wants for a change.

Cami finds Klaus drunk and morose since he's screwed up and Father Kieran is going to die. Cami asks why he is telling her and he says that he believes “secrets are a poison that need to be spat out”, well now it's about time someone in the Mikaelson family realised that, could have saved them all centuries of pain. He asks about her little hook up with Marcel and Cami says that this was what Klaus wanted, he did compel her to date Marcel after all, he's just pissed off cos when it finally happened he wasn't pulling the strings any more. Klaus passes on Marcel's death sentence through Cami and leaves.

Elijah is out in the bayou watching Hayley laugh and joke with her pack. Eve, the blonde who staked him when he was suffering from Klaus's bite a while back is keeping an eye on her for Elijah. He watches as Hayley lets Jackson feel the baby kicking, says he only wants her to be happy and then leaves.

Marcel eulogises Thierry to Josh and vows to take back the city in his memory. Diego and several of Marcel's old crew turn up and agree to side with Marcel, no backing down. Well this can't end well for any of them.

Monique confronts Genevieve and is going to kill her when she is suddenly taken over by the spirits again who give her the message that rather than killing Genevieve they want to kill Hayley's baby.

So the vampires are aligning against the Mikaelsons, the wolves are willing to team up with Klaus but not trust him and the witches are gunning for the baby now. I think Marcel was right, this powder keg is ready to blow!

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Sex, Orgies & Littlefinger

After last week's shocking episode of the Purple Wedding, and the end of the Vile King Joffrey's reign..viewers expected this week's episode to be more anticlimactic, thereby setting the stage for the eruption that is sure to follow his untimely death. As the show begins, you see what one might think is a tender moment between Cercei, her dead son, and his real father Jaime (Who is also his uncle). well - that thought didn't play out as I expected. Instead Jaime forcefully decides to have his way with his twin sister, in front of their dead son, the King. Now, you know its bad, when even Cersei repeatedly yells out it isn't right. Now, as much as I've grown to actually like Jaime, that was soooooo WRONG. Can Jaime truly redeem himself? I'm not sure given that quite disturbing scene.
In keeping with the theme of sex, Prince Oberyn is my new favorite character. All is fair in sex and sex. He'll take it any way he can, and he fully embraces his desire for all beings. There were plenty in that bed of his last night. However, it'll be quite interesting to see how his role plays out (not so much in the bedroom), but at the trial of Tryion and landing a coveted spot on the small council of King's Landing.
And finally Littlefinger shows his face. We knew it was only a matter of time before he crept up. And creep he did, popping up like a jack-in-the-box when Sansa boarded the ship. As you recall he's been missing since the middle of season 3, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't been lurking and plotting behind the scenes, as we saw last night. And in case you forgot, back in season 2 he had a very important conversation with Margaery Tyrell. I'll leave you with that....